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Uncover More Nap Time

Nap in sidings, if your company permits that.

Nap during breaks or limbo time if you can. If not, then stand up and stretch, jog in place, or walk around to enhance alertness.

Snooze in the crew van, if possible.

Add an eye mask and earplugs to your work kit to help you sleep more soundly anywhere, night or day.

Improve your commute. If you drive 30 minutes or more each way to work, you're adding at least an hour to your work day. Explore public transportation and carpooling to reduce this stress. If you leave the driving to someone else, try to grab a short nap en route.

If fatigued after work, nap before you head home. Don't drive when drowsy.

Go back to sleep after you receive your call for work, if you can. Set your alarm for 30 minutes or so, and pull up the covers.

Note: Not all railroads approve on-duty napping. Check with your supervisor.