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What to Expect from a Sleep Evaluation (1:39)

Lawrence Epstein, MD, of Harvard tells what to expect from a visit to a sleep specialist.

If you do everything you can to foster good sleep, but still don’t get as much sleep as you need, or don’t feel rested when you awaken, you may have a sleep disorder or another health problem that causes these difficulties. Treatment can help you sleep better, and feel better, too. 

Talk to a healthcare provider if you:

  • Have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep
  • Feel the amount of sleep you get is insufficient or poor
  • Constantly feel sleepy or foggy while awake
  • Have been told you snore or move your legs repeatedly in sleep

You may have a sleep disorder. Fortunately, treatments available today can help you sleep better, perform better at work, and feel better in your waking hours.

Your healthcare provider may suggest that you see a sleep specialist, and refer you to a sleep center in your area. It is likely that your medical insurance covers sleep disorders screening and treatment. Check with your provider to be certain.

Find sleep centers in the United States at This site provides contact information for the 1,200 accredited sleep center members of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine,

Find sleep centers in Canada at

Find behavioral sleep medicine specialists at

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