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Test Your Reaction Time

Whether in a locomotive cab or driving to and from work, you are safest when you can react quickly. A computer game, Think Fast!, simulates the driving experience, and mimics skills you need for many work-related tasks.

The game runs for five minutes. Try to stay focused the entire time and avoid the objects that appear in your path. Your score will reflect both the consistency of your reaction times and your accuracy. 

Test your skill today. Try again later. See how your score varies with across the day, or after you have consumed caffeine or alcohol.

Click the "Start" button below to play the game now.

Drowsy or Drunk? Similar Performance

Although their effects on the human body are different, numerous studies show that sleep loss may be at least as potent as alcohol in impairing performance. Sleep-deprived people perform as poorly on driving tests as people who have had too much to drink. 

Both groups lose their ability to recognize how impaired they are.

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