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Find Personal and Relationship Time

Even with your railroader’s hectic schedule and need to balance sleep with family life, it’s important that you also find time to take care of yourself, in order to best support and help run the household. Here are some ideas to consider: 

Swap babysitting services with a neighbor, friends, or family members to get a little time to yourself.

Hire a teenager in your neighborhood to mow the lawn, shovel the snow, or help with other chores.

Take a break in your own home. Soak in a bubble bath. Make popcorn, and enjoy it while watching your favorite TV show. Curl up with a new magazine or book. Knit or sew. Call an old friend for a catch-up chat. Take an online class. Spend time outdoors.

Shop online, if possible, or order by phone. Explore using a grocery store delivery service. 

Set reasonable expectations for yourself. Trying to do more than you can manage comfortably causes stress. You don’t have to say yes to every request from your children, their schools, and other family members. 

Turn to other railroader spouses, partners, and families in your area for support. Find helpful advice from your railroader’s union Auxiliary, and from the family support network of your spouse’s or partner’s employer. 

Cut your railroader some slack if he or she is tired and cranky upon returning home. Wait until he or she is more rested to discuss important topics.

Make time for "dates" with your spouse or partner, even if you simply record and then watch a favorite TV show together.

Stay in touch when you’re apart. Make a ritual of sending a text message to each other before you go to bed, whenever that is.